1. Where are you located?

Global TeleForce has corporate offices in Hong Kong and Australia. We manage and run our outsourcing operations in the Philippines.

2. What are your office hours?

The majority of our clients are from Australia, with most of our live call answering service running from 8 am to 5 pm AEST (No DST) Mondays through Saturdays, excluding public holidays. However, we also service other work shifts to accommodate the needs of our clients in different time zones. We also provide a 24-hour work shift.

3. How will an operator, also called “virtual receptionist” get started with live call answering service for my business?

The virtual receptionist will handle your calls and he/she will be your point of contact on a day-to-day basis. Just like a regular employee, inform your virtual receptionist of your company policies and train them on what things you need to get done and how you want them done. In most cases, our clients have their own specific requirements and tasks-to-do for the virtual receptionist. Our virtual receptionists are experienced and NOT new to the industry. Just spend a little time with your virtual receptionist at the beginning, so he or she can understand what the job scopes are. We are pretty sure your virtual receptionist will get the grasp of things in no time.

4. What if I’m not happy with my current virtual receptionist?

It's all about communication. Discuss any concerns about your virtual receptionist with one of our team leaders. If needed, we can assign you a new virtual receptionist.

5. Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan as my call volumes vary?

Yes. You can change plans for FREE to suit your call volumes which can vary from month to month.

6. Do you offer “on-tap” receptionist service? Like when I couldn’t answer calls personally or my in-house receptionist is at lunch or on leave?

Yes. We are working as “on-tap” receptionist for many of our clients. Instances when you are unable to take calls in-house are just part of the business, such as when your in-house receptionist is not around (at lunch, sick or on leave) or you have multiple calls coming in at the same time. We can be your instant helpline.

7. Can I end my contract anytime?

The contract term is pre-determined at the beginning of the service. We offer no long-term commitment if that is your preference. You can end the service at the end of the month without any charges, no hassle. Or you can choose from 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and 24 month term and enjoy up to $250 worth of bonuses (i.e. 5 calls per day for free) depending on what contract term you choose.

8. Who should I talk to if I have more questions?

We’re happy to answer your questions. SEND YOUR ENQUIRY TO:  and one of our friendly Global TeleForce phone officers will contact you within 2 business days. You can also reach us through online chat or call us on . We will walk you through our different services and packages that will best suit your business needs.

9. What are the strengths and skill sets of your Virtual Receptionists?

Our Virtual Receptionists are highly experienced in handling phone and online transactions, including but not limited to:

Telephone support (receive calls, check voicemails, wake up calls, reminder calls & text messages), travel bookings, reservations, appointment setting, data entry, research assistance, online file management and other tasks that you normally assign to an in-house receptionist.

As long as you can provide training and learning tools for us and your Virtual Receptionist, we can help you with almost any live call answering job that can be done remotely or offshore.

10. Can my virtual receptionist help me collaborate with a creative agency?

We often receive this question as most of our clients are also looking for a creative team who can help them redesign their website, design some brochures, postcard and stickers, run social media campaigns and write content for their blog. Your Virtual Receptionist is not a writer, designer, web developer or a digital strategist, but he/she can definitely work with a web design and digital marketing company that provide these services.

Global WebForce is a sister company of Global TeleForce. Global WebForce can provide web services like design, development, writing and digital marketing services based on your job scope. Simply let your Virtual Receptionist know what web services do you need from the creative team so he/she can help get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.